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DP-28 Redeem Codes (FREE Gun Skins)



DP-28 Redeem Codes: Hey PUBG Lovers, We know that it’s been so long that you guys are playing PUBG Mobile and didn’t get any interesting Rewards and Gun Skins. PUBG Mobile developers often introduce NEW Gun Skins when releasing new seasons and events. But those unique Gun Skins are not easily obtainable in the standard crate opening. Therefore, players have to spend UCs on Crate Opening and Lucky Spin to get those weapon finishes. But there are so many PUBG Players who can’t afford money to buy UCs because UCs are generally very expensive to purchase. Don’t worry guys, In this article, We are going to share some Latest valid DP-28 Redeem Codes for you. You can get Awesome DP-28 Gun Skins absolutely Free using the Redeem Codes. This Skins will make your favorite DP-28 gun look more beautiful.

DP-28 Skin Redeem Codes

It is obvious that weapon finishes and gun skins in PUBG Mobile often make players excited. DP-28 has a separate fan-base because of Mortal & Snax shows the power of this most underrated gun. It is a beast gun for long and mid-range flights. So many PUBG players call this gun as OP-28. Every PUBG player wants to have free DP-28 Gun Skins in their inventory. So, we came up with some New Redeem Codes for you. You can use the Redeem Codes following a few simple steps and get FREE DP-28 Skins. If you don’t know how to Redeem PUBG Redeem Codes then click on the below Guide button. We have explained it step by step very easily.

Street Art DP-28 Redeem Code

Now let’s start with the most favorite Street Art DP-28 skin. It came in Royale Pass Redeem Section. It cost around 900UC to redeem it. But in the current season, it is available in Royale Pass Redeem Crate where you can luckily get it. This gun comes with street wall paint finish which looks awesome. But here we came up with the latest valid Redeem Code of Street Art DP-28 Skin. Grab this skin using the below redeem code.

REDEEM CODES: S78FTU2XJ (Free Street Art DP-28 Skin Redeem Code – Valid for the First 200 users)


Enigmatic Killer DP-28 Redeem Code

Enigmatic Killer DP-28 is one and only upgradable DP-28 Skin. You can upgrade this skin from level 1 to level 4. It has a really amazing kill effect and Kill Message. If you don’t have this skin in your inventory then you can Redeem the below redeem code to get this awesome upgradable DP-28 skin.

REDEEM CODE: KARZBZYTR (Free Enigmatic Killer DP-28 Skin Redeem Code – Valid for the First 300 users)


Shark’s Bite DP-28 Redeem Code

Shark’s Bite DP-28 is also an awesome Gun Skin which is inspired by Ocean theme. It came in Royale Pass reward. If you aren’t able to get this skin previously then you can Redeem the below redeem code to get this Shark’s Bite DP-28 Skin.

REDEEM CODE: PGHZDBTFZ95U (Shark’s Bite DP-28 Skin Redeem Code – Valid for the First 500 users)


Bloody Bite DP-28 Redeem Code

Bloody Bite DP-28 is an awesome legendary Gun Skin which came in Premium Crates. Here we came up with the valid Redeem code of Bloody Bite DP-28. Grab this skin using the below redeem code.

REDEEM CODE: SD14G84FCC (Bloody Bite DP-28 Redeem Code – Valid for the First 300 users)



I hope you like our information about PUBG Mobile FREE DP-28 Redeem Codes. These PUBG free redemption codes are provided by Tencent’s PUBG Mobile. Trust me guys it’s not easy to find the latest valid redeem codes. We are always looking for the latest codes for you. As soon as we get to know about new codes, we will let you know on our website

There is one more thing that I want to let you know that all the Redeem Codes are limited for the first 500/1000/2000 users. If the code has expired, wait for another PUBG event and season for another code. Which items you redeem with this voucher will expire at the end of the event or season. Kindly check out our other article on various interesting PUBG topics and tricks. I will suggest you visit our website very often to get the latest Redeem Codes at first.

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