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PUBG Mobile Latest Update 0.19.0 [New Map Livik, Monster trucks, P92, Mk12]




Today in this article we are going to share all about the Latest update of PUBG Mobile. Recently PUBG Mobile Update a new version 0.19.0. The update has been rolled out to both Android and iOS. Every Pubg lover wants to know about the update. So here we try to Provides all details about version 0.19.0.

PUBG Mobile Latest Update 0.19.0

The latest PUBG Mobile update is here, and with it come to some huge changes for one of the world’s most popular games. The biggest new addition is an entire map, called Livik. The Nordic-inspired map is exclusive to PUBG Mobile, and it’s playable right away despite officially still being in beta.

Livik map

PUBG Mobile Latest Update: Livik Map

The Livik map Is now available on Under the mood of the classic like Miramar, Sanhok, and Erangel maps. It is the smallest map in PUBG Mobile speared across 2km x 2km. The map consists of four terrains, Snowy hills, water, desert, and jungle. At one time in a game, 52 players can play together for around 15 minutes.

The Map provides two latest weapons P90 and Mk12 rifle. Here also a latest exclusive vehicles added the map called Monster Truck. That makes the map more suitable. The map is currently showing with the beta option enabled, which means that it might change during the upcoming days.

What’s New In Latest Update

New Map Livik:

  • Exclusive original map that offers an epic experience in a Nordic terrain!
  • 52 players in a 2km x 2km map for a more exciting experience!
  • Be the winner in 15 minutes!
  • Evolve your strategies with the changing terrain!
  • Map-exclusive SMG P90 and Rifle MK12!
  • New Vehicle: Monster Truck

With the update, the game also brings in a new Barrel Extender muzzle attachment, which can be added to most snipers and SMGs. Apart from this, improvements have been made to the Pick-Up tab, Combat Operation settings, and Parachuting Gauge display.

PUBG Mobile will soon also be getting a new mode called PUBG Mobile Ancient Secret Special Mode. We will also get to see a new Team Gun Game and Royale Pass Season 14 being added in a few days.


So this is all about the latest Update 0.19.0. I hope you understand and like our information. If you have any other queries about the Update then write down your question in the below Comment Box. It will help me a lot if you share this article with your PUBG friends. Kindly check out our other article on various interesting PUBG topics and tricks. I will suggest you visit our website very often to get the latest Redeem Codes at first.

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